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Galore Park Endorsements

You’ll be happy to know a cheer went up in the 5th grade yesterday when they received their Latin books!

Education Publisher of the Year 2008 : Galore Park impressed the judges in this category with its success in the independent schools sector, steadily growing sales and profits over its first six years. Particularly impressive were the company's dedication to direct sales and marketing, outstanding customer engagement and smart, carefully produced books. "Galore Park has found a gap in the market and filled it very successfully. The company clearly understands its audience very well, and its commissioning strategy and customer service are both spot on."

Click on Parents' Forum K-8 Curriculum Board : http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums

Laura from China and Nick from Galore Park know all! : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/galore_park_user_support

Thank you so much. We are already in love with the French book and your extra book is great!

Just a quick note to let you know that I will need another set of Latin books in about 9-10 years from now.  I'm counting on your being around for my next order!

I heard about this site from Well Trained Mind and also that Galore Park languages are awesome programs!

I got the 5 books for Latin Prep today!  Hey, I love the looks of this Latin curriculum and so does my 11yo.  Thanks for your fast, efficient service. Glad to know you received my check.  Look forward to doing business again in the future.

On another note, we are absolutely ADORING the GP materials I purchased for this year! They are wonderful, time-efficient and my kid thinks they are fun!  I'm so glad I bit the bullet and spent the $.

I came home Friday expecting an ordinary experience and what do you know - it turned out to be a Horrible day! I have been going through the books and my husband and I are very impressed! You really can't find books this well suited for young kids, especially boys in the states. We will definitely be placing another order. The Galore Park Junior English books are also the kind of thing we were looking for to teach the kids "proper" English in a fun way. The books look very thorough, but seem to have very engaging topics that kids really want to read about - real animals they may encounter in the backyard, stories on trains, and even creepy crawly bugs to teach about nouns, verbs, and all area of grammar. Coupled with our School House Rock collection the kids will hardly believe this is really school!  I have to admit it - I'm hooked! We sampled Murderous Math, Horrible Geography, and Dead Famous and each one was a winner!  Look for another order from me!

Fantastic! I downloaded and printed out the first chapter of Latin Prep, and my daughter has almost finished it. I'm so glad you sent it earlier than I thought you would have! She'll need it in the next few days.  Thanks, Ray. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Last month I ordered a bunch of the Latin Prep books to preview for our co-op, and we love 'em!  In fact, we've decided to toss our currently intensely disliked curriculum midyear and switch as soon as possible.

My Galore Park books arrived in Livermore today --many thanks!!!  It's Christmas all over again :-)

I am a big fan and I make it my mission to let every homeschooler know about these [Galore Park] books. I absolutely think they are the best out there for the languages. I have found nothing better and will not look for better. I have found it in these books.

Thank you for offering rigorous and enjoyable material.

Yes, this family is very happy with all we have bought [Galore Park Books]. So happy, I have ordered more and plan to do so early next year as well. We are/will be using Latin, Spanish, French, Greek (in the future), History, science, geography, and Study Skills.

Thanks so much.  And my son and I are having fun with the Latin books -- just imagine
fun with Latin!

My Galore Park books arrived today. :o)  Thanks so much!

Just wanted to send a big thanks! I received my Horrible and GP books today. I really appreciate your time in this effort. I'm sure you will hear from me again if I can scrap up more dough.

Thank you so much for all your work in pulling this Galore Park order together!  It has been a pleasure dealing with you.....!  I never had to ask questions....because you were right on top of everything.  Thanks again!!!

We rely on traditional, well-proven methods of teaching and our books are rigorously checked by teachers and examiners before going to press. The guiding principle of all of our books is that they can be used by a pupil working alone and are thus ideal for both classroom and revision use.  Nicholas Oulton taught Classics for 10 years. He set up Galore Park Publishing when he found that he couldn't find any textbooks worth teaching from which were less than 30 years old. As a teacher, this was worrying; as a parent of young children, it was terrifying.  So, starting with Latin, Nick's passion, Galore Park has steadily increased its range of textbooks and now publishes courses in Maths, Science, English, Spanish and French for pupils aged 10-16. Already used by over 80% of independent prep schools and an ever-increasing number of senior schools, Galore Park's books are now being used by a growing band of despairing parents who look in vain in the High Street bookshops for books that can help their children with 11+, Common Entrance and Scholarship exams.


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Horrible Books, Art of Problem Solving Math Books, Life of Fred Math Books, and MOEMS Math Books
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Horrible Books, Art of Problem Solving Math Books, Life of Fred Math Books, and MOEMS Math Books