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Horrible Books and Horrible Magazines!


Horrible Endorsements

Hello, The books were delivered today. My son saw the box when we came home and I think he screeched with happiness! He was so happy. Thank you! I'm mailing my check tomorrow. thank you,

My daughter is finally interested in history, thanks to your Horrible Histories, which were introduced to her by her teacher. We are going to save up, so we can purchase your Horrible Histories DVD's and magazines for her, for Christmas. We are also going to try your other series, math, science and geography.  I wish we had these great items when I was a kid, I think it would have made school much better. Just wanted to thank you for helping kids learn in a way that is engaging, interesting, fun, and factual!

Hi Ray! Firstly, thank you for an entertaining half-hour of perusing your website this morning! I have not enjoyed shopping for curriculum this much, ever. Thanks for that!

Hello Ray, A fellow homeschool mom recommended that I order Life of Fred from your site. She went on and on about how wonderful it has been to order books from you, so of course I had to check it out:)

My kids are glued to the sofa with their trove of newly horrible books. They don't even want to watch TV!  Sending your check out on tomorrow's mail.

After reading Horrible Histories I'm definitely going to be getting Horrible Science books too! You're the best! And a tremendous source to have!! I will be praising your service to many other homeschoolers:)  Many Many Thanks!!

My wife loves these books.  My kids love these books.  My wife's students love these books.  My niece loves the first one (France).  The track record is pretty good.

Hello Ray – my box arrived just now. All I can say is WOW! What a treasure!! I was so surprised to open the box and find all the great goodies that came with each magazine. My 8 year old son went crazy when we saw them. As homeschoolers, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes me want to jump up and down in happiness. Thank you so much! Thank you so much! I can’t believe we’ve been missing out on such amazing little treasures.

just found out about you from a homeschool Mom who swears by your service. I love the Horrible book series and am looking forward to being able to order them from someone in the US. You have such a great selection that I wish I could order them all, however my funds  are limited so I was hoping to start with the following.

Great!  Thanks, Ray.  It's been refreshing to do business on a trust basis.  You are a blessing. Looking forward to ordering from you in the future,

All looks great. Thank you, Ray. So far, the easiest online transaction ever. We will send check promptly after receiving books. In the meantime, we'll look fwd to yr package.  Nice combination of Web connectivity and local economy - kudos to you!

Such horribly good service it nearly brings me to tears.  Thanks so much, and we'll be in touch soon.

My kids LOVE your books.  It was VERY difficult to limit them to this list.  We have your horrible history and horrible science box sets.  

Hi, Ray, I just received a box full of great books. I opened the box and thought 'yummy'. Does this mean I have something similar to synesthesia? :)

First, I would like to say, you are getting rave reviews on The Well-Trained Mind Forums.  I was a little nervous about ordering because of the simplicity of the process (can you imagine that?).  So I went there to search if anyone had ever purchased from you and I saw nothing but glowing reviews. So before I even get my order let me just say keep up the good work and you will certainly have a return customer in me.

I have to say that the the way you have chosen to do business is terribly fantastic!   Although at first I didn’t know what to think, I found a lot of happy fans that gave you fantastic reviews. I will be sure to get payment to you quickly after the books arrive.

We received the books.  I was worried because the postman left it out in the rain but you packed it well enough to prevent any disasters that might happen because of delivery. My daughter can’t get enough of Fred.  Thanks for sending it so quickly.

Hello, Horrible Ray!  I would like to place my first Horrible order.  My sons are going through Life of Fred horribly fast and I need to buy Life of Fred - Cats and Life of Fred - Farming.  We have the books in between (horribly long story) so I just need those two right now.  I have to say that the the way you have chosen to do business is terribly fantastic!   Although at first I didn’t know what to think, I found a lot of happy fans that gave you fantastic reviews. I will be sure to get payment to you quickly after the books arrive.  Thank you!

Hi, I saw your site on a homeschool forum, and they said you were a nice man : ) 

Ray:  Thanks for sending the books - and the extra one which I'm sure he'll really enjoy.  Bad news - by the time we found the box, it had snowed 10 inches on top of it.  Good news - because you put the books in a plastic bag, they were perfectly fine.  The box, however, was quite damp.  The check will be sent this weekend.  Thanks again!!

Dear Horrible Ray,  Your service is truly horrible!  It was as if I had a nightmare about the books I wanted to order and they appeared on my doorstep that morning!  My Mad Scientist in training was positively horrified when she opened the box!  There was even more than we had nightmares about..... how did you know we absolutely despise Joan of Arc????? Seriously.  You will be terrified to know your check is in the mail, it was picked up by our "zombie mailman" today.  We will be having nightmares about more books soon, so be aware....... you will hear from us again.  ;-)   We wish you a horrible day  -  Mad Scientist in training and her Devoted Assistant

I got the books early last week.  There was much cheering and rejoicing.  They looked great, and then life got crazy.  The check is completely ready and will be sent out tomorrow morning!  Sorry for the delay!  Thanks so much!

Hello Ray, I am very sorry about not getting payment to you.  It slipped my mind during all the holidays, but the check is going out today.  Please let me know if you do not receive it in a timely manner. And, I need to let you know the my son has been devouring his Horrible books.  And, he hates to read!

Dear Horrible Ray, Of all the different places I buy books and materials for our Homeschool, I always look forward to placing an order with Horrible Ray. I especially love getting my package addressed to The Great..., it always raises a few eyebrows at the post office and makes me feel...well...Great! Thank you for your wonderful sense of whimsy and your old fashioned business model. I also love that my kids love your products and gobble these books up like candy. SSHHH, don't mention how much they are learning! Thanks again.

You're the best, definitely NOT HORRIBLE..a pleasure to do business with..Thanks for all your help and the terrific books, I will be ordering more of them. Fondly

Pay you AFTER?  This is a first for me.  Will email you as soon as everything gets here.  I feel like I'm a proper home-schooler -- ordering from RAY!  :)  Cheers, and thank you so much.

We received the books yesterday, thank you.  I am always curious about math resources that are off-the-beaten-path.  I have a math-major son in his second year in college (doing graduate level math work) and when he was in about the third grade, the Murderous Maths (and the other series) books were his salvation.  Then as a pre-adolescent, he found the Art of Problem Solving Books.  Those, their web site and associated fora and online classes then became his salvation.  Richard Rusczyk and the AoPS folks receive my highest endorsement, particularly for boys. Mixed feelings about Khan. In any case, we have a kindergartener and two high schoolers at home, and I still like to explore fun math books.  Thanks for making things available.

Hello Horrible Ray, My daughter announced yesterday that the only thing on her Christmas list was some Horrible Science books, and I knew just what to do.  I'd like to order the Horrible Science 20-Book Box Set for $45, and while we're at it I'd also like Life of Fred: Mineshaft for $16. Thanks so much -- you are the real Santa Claus this year.

Our books arrived yesterday!! Thank you!  My son has already read two of them--they are a hit!

Ray, you are the only guy that has EVERYTHING we want!  my whole homeschool budget is going to YOU! lol.

I haven't seen my son since we picked up the box :).

On the upside, I'm excited to see all these new goodies!  On the downside, I think you're going to eventually bankrupt us.  :(

Got the books! My boys love the science magazine.

Thanks!  He is loving the books, so I am sure I will be contacting you again!

I'm originally from the UK and my son is mad about these books, so we truly appreciate the service of offering them in the US for such reasonable prices. THANK YOU.

Thanks, Ray.  I like the way you do business.  Honest, direct, and interactive.  Thanks for the opportunity.  I'll pass your name and info along to others.

Hope I am not too late to add some more books to my 2nd shipment. Some friends came over and liked the horrible books, so we gave them away for gifts. I would like add them "back" such that we will still keep our joy reading them.

We ordered some books from you last year (I think we own every box set and then some).  My son has loved them all and is constantly reading and rereading them for pure pleasure.

The horrible books just arrived horribly quickly, and my mail carrier got a good chuckle from the horrible play on words on the outside of the box. Thank you for sending the books so quickly and also for the bonus magazine. After looking everything over, I am quite impressed.

My neighbor showed us the books and my son is begging me to get some now!

We found one of your Horrible books in a used book store recently (Violent Volcanoes), and our 7 year old cannot put it down, so we
would like to get her some more of your books. I would like to order the Horrible Science 20-Book Bulging Box Set.

Thank you so much for the free book, and getting my order out so quickly.  My 8-year-old is horribly obsessive about reading, and has learned so much from the books that you offer.  She is very excited to read the science books.  My husband is a doctor, and anything about diseases and experiments is right up his alley.  Thank goodness, no dissecting of the dog yet. Now that would be horrible!

My daughter asked me to say hello!  She is reading the books, 20 times each, loves them and wants more. I need to work out which ones she does not have.

That's great, thank you. He has already devoured his entire collection at least 3 times over, so it will be nice to have new additions.

We received the books and the check is on its way.  My son has a hard time putting them down!

The books continue to be in my son's hands all the time!

Thanks again for your help.  The kids are already reading the books!

Got all the books and my son carries 6 of them with him whenever we leave the house.

Hey, Ray,  Books arrived today.  Look great.  One daughter has already read two of them.  I'm putting the check request into online bill pay right now.  Thanks a million for the good work you do!

Hi Ray, I received the books yesterday. They arrived in perfect shape. I will send out the check today. It was diabolically clever of you to include a Horrible Science book. My daughter loves it and now I need to order more.

That was quick. It arrived today. The kids are ecstatic. Some people might be able to hide these books for gifts but mine now recognize the box. :-) BTW-Thank you for the Rainforest book. That will be enthusiastically devoured, I'm sure. A check is going in the mail.

The books arrived. I'm horribly satisfied. :-) Check is in the mail.

Hi Ray,  The books arrived...homework quickly abandoned!  Thank you.

My nephew received the science box set and Is very happy.  Thanks very much

I have learned the secret, you are not really so horrible after all. You are in fact, quite lovely.  But what kind of a reputation is that, to be called
"Lovely Ray?"  I get it. Seeing as my daughter has been pouring over these books throughout the past holiday weekend and chuckling hilariously from time to time, we are soundly and horribly satisfied with our purchase and are mailing the check today. Thank you so much for the wonderfully horrible experience.

Thank you so much the books arrived yesterday and my girls are reading them voraciously already.  You check will go out in the mail Monday!

I pulled the books out of the mail box half an hour ago.  Now my teenagers are squeezed into an armchair reading London & Churchill back and forth to each other.  Well, it's a lot more fun than homework!

My gifted homeschool Email group was just singing your praises, and I’d love to try the Horrible series out with my daughter. She is almost 13 years old and loves anything horrible, slimy or gross (cool, huh?) I think she’s a little older than the average aged kid reading these books, but I think she will like them.

Hi, Ray!  We received the books today...gosh, you guys are fast! Thank you!

Hi there Ray, My kiddos have worn out the history and science box sets and I think it's time to do the math set.

I stumbled across your website and loved it too much to order from anyone else.

The books arrived on Saturday. I just set the Murderous Maths on the table and didn't say a word. My 1st and 3rd grader were all over them. I said they could pick one book to read. My older son picked 3! He hasn't put it down all weekend. Yeah! Yeah!  The checks in the mail. Really, it is.

Dear Horrible Ray, Thank you for your horrible service. The book arrived horribly fast and the kiddo is horribly pleased to have it!  Check going out in the mail tomorrow.

Wonderful!!! Thanks once again...you have the best customer service!!!

Got them!!! Awesome! My son has barely put them down since they arrived! I sent payment via my bank's bill pay. You should get it soon! Thank you

Ray – got the books and DVD (all strongly endorsed by our son) and the check is in the mail.  Thanks!

Great, thanks Ray.  Next time, just pester us sooner! :)  Thanks for providing great service and being a unique distribution provider of some great material.

I hope business is going up for you. I have noticed that when people ask about you on The Well Trained Mind forum, you have more and more people singing your praises and even more vowing to try you soon. May 2012 be a great year for you.

I would like to order Horrible Science Magazines from Issue #61 onwards to the last issue.  Desperately looking for these magazines for my horrible son who is crazily in love with the magazines.

Ray (you can't possibly be Horrible…):  Books arrived yesterday…  What a treat!  My youngest found them and dove into the WW book right away.  In fact, I had to ask him twice to stop reading because he had a unit test on the American Revolution today for which he needed to study.  My 14 year old then picked up the book and did not put it down for 30 minutes.  It really is a joy when a kid reads of his own volition.  Check is in the mail today (really!).  Thanks and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Ray we received the books today and as always are very happy . The kids are tearing through the books. Best wishes and thanks for the Celts book , my older boy is already half way through it.

I would like to order the Horrible Science boxed set of my son.  He has the Murderous Maths set, and has worn them to practically nothing rereading them almost weekly.  I hope these will be as enjoyable!

I am an educator in Virginia and a huge Horrible Fan! So are my students!! I literally cannot keep the Horrible books on my shelves because the kids always have them with them reading about Horrible Science, Murderous Math, and Horrible Histories!

We received out books today....Thank you so much.  My son has not put them down since he got home from school.  Thanks for the free book you included; that was so nice!  I will put a check in the mail.  And thanks again :)

I just mailed payment out this morning. My daughter loved getting these! I can't wait for her to be done reading so I can go through them. Thanks again for getting these out so quick. They were in perfect order as well. :)

Today, my son and I had the chance to thoroughly go through that box that you sent to him and look at all the magazines, he has had so much fun putting the "foul facts" in the file and sorting all the "stuff" from each edition! Wow - it is an amazing collection!! Thank you so much, he will enjoy looking at all these things for an eternity!! i can't tell you how much I appreciate you sending them to him!  Also, is there a 20 book boxed set for the biographies? BTW - My son LOVES the Murderous Math books you sent! Absolutely loves them! What else do you recommend?

Hey Ray, I arrived here in Texas and opened the box and all was fine.  My grandson was delighted on Christmas day when he received the magazines and books.  Like most boys his age,  he likes the 'ucky' stuff.  My daughter-in-law will probably be ordering in the future as well since she liked the materials and encourages his interests.

Thanks, Ray. My kids LOVE the Horrible History DVDs!  Happy New Year,

Got it today :)   !  Love ya Ray....thanks sooo much!  I am popping that HORRIBLE check in the mail today!   ;)

I had my kids sort and count our various Horrible Books today as a math activity.  We own 57 total.  37% are Horrible Histories, 26% are Horrible Science, 21% are Murderous Maths, 11% are Horrible/Dead Famous, 4% are Totally, and 2% are The Knowledge.  What can you infer from this data?  WE LOVE Horrible Books

 I already mailed it so you should receive today or tomorrow..depending on the mail situation? I could tell from talking to you that you could be trusted...thanks and I KNOW that my grandson is already enjoying the Horrible books

I am in receipt of the books--thanks! I will send a check tomorrow. I like the way you do business.

I just returned home and my husband said I'd received a package.  I tore open the package in excited anticipation and was not disappointed.  Inside was the Horrible Box set of Horrible Science books.

Wow - what a great new world for us. The Horrible Science magazines are excellent. My son actually said that I didn't need to read them to him because he was reading them himself.

I just found out a new friend of mine is also a customer of yours and she thinks you are fabulous too ;-)

Thanks so much, my son is going to be thrilled. He has 4 of the science books and has read them until they've fallen completely apart.

We will be back in touch when the girls are ready for their next book. Thanks for such wonderful service.  What a breath of fresh air you are.

Thanks Ray.  We got the books last week and my son has been enjoying them.  I have a math degree and I'm just blown away by the content in the Murderous Math series.  Thanks for making these books easy to get in the USA.

 The books are GREAT!  Thanks SO much for the freebie, too!!!  Your company is wonderful!  The "great".  LOL  (My small town post office got a kick out of this and they announced my name over the speaker when I came to pick up the package.  Everyone clapped as I retrieved your parcel.)

"You're selling crack."  A comment by a Horribly Pleased Mom about her newly-addicted Horrible Fan kids.

Thank you, Ray!  We picked up all the Horribly Famous series, and I swear my 9yo has read the ink right off them.

Blood Curdling Box of 20 Horrible Histories Books, Horrible Books and MagazinesGalore Park Books, Horrible BooksEveryone is LOVING the horrible histories Britain and Ireland book! My boys were actually fighting over who would get to read it last night.

Ray I received the books and the boys are super happy with everything. Last night we couldn't get them to bed they just wanted to stay up and read all night. Thanks for the extra book as well, the kids were excited to see it and noticed right away.  Last year the family lived in New Delhi where my wife is from and we discovered the books there. Finding you has been fantastic, the kids are genuinely excited to read and that's great.

Thank you Horrible Ray. You are an honest man… a commodity we are in short supply of these days.

The books just arrived to great excitement when Bobby the mailman asked the kids "Who's Ray Horrible?". Then they saw that it was addressed to 'The Great Teresa' and got even more curious. They are still quite certain you must be an old friend from college, and are now off somewhere happily reading your horrible books. Thanks so much!

We received the box of Horrible Science books in the mail today...totally awesome! My son couldn't put them down

The books were on the doorstep today.  Thank you so much.  We'll have to savor these until the next round.

Thanks Ray, they arrived yesterday! Thanks for the extra book, too - my son has already finished it : )

Thanks Ray. That sounds good to me. I will get the check in the mail right away as I am sure everything will be great, as it always is. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate the service you supply and you have the very best customer service in the business. I suspect that I will be ordering from you for a good long time as you still have so many great books that I would like to buy and now you have added the Life of Fred series as well. Thanks again.

For several years I have read very nice comments about your reliability on different homeschool boards, so I am very glad to be able to order from you now.  I also just wanted to say that I enjoyed your website.  It was easy to navigate and I was able to find out everything I wanted to know with minimal effort.   I guess I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your efforts:-)

Thank you for your patience!  I just put a check in the mail for the Horrible books. My daughter, who isn't a great fan of reading to learn, is enjoying the horrible books!

I can't keep up with my son, he's been reading one after another and the younger son is addicted to the DVD.

Thank you again Horrible Ray!  We are home and my son ripped into package and we now have the extras joining the books all over the living room.  I am not sure his bedroom is big enough for all the "Horribles".  Have yet to watch DVD but I think that is on track to tonight.  Thank you again,

A Horrible Hello to you, We are back and the books are here, opened, sorted, and even some read (Loch Ness Monster led to hours of checking sites on computer !)  Sack is packed with at least 20 for car travel tomorrow.  Thank you for the speedy delivery

Hello Horrible Ray, The horrible books are despicably fun.  The loathsome check is in the vile mail, so you should receive it atrociously soon. Contemptibly,

 Ah!  Ray, thanks for the reminder!  Believe it or not, each and every book has already been read and is dog-eared.  This has been such an important part of our homeschooling! 

has raved about you for the past year.  Now I see why!!  Thank you so much for the extra workbook.  I will definitely be purchasing from you in the near future.  The check was mailed a couple of days ago.  You should have it in the next day or so.  Again, thank you for your generosity.  It says so much about you and your company!  A customer for life

You are awesome....the books already came, earlier this week. My kiddos are already loving them. I have already recommend you to others,

I received the books today, thanks a million. I'm looking forward to getting more from you. My boys really love them. Thanks again

The books arrived yesterday & my children immediately dove in! Has my check gotten to you yet?

Received my order today and can't thank you enough for the quick delivery. I'm so pleased with these books. They are exactly what we needed.

I have to admit - I thought the "honor system" was kinda crazy.  I hope everyone who participated will make the rest of us proud !  Horrible Books ROCK!  My kids totally love them.  Hope we see you again :)

Thanks so much for having the table at the VaHomeschoolers Conference! My older daughter loves both the Horrible Histories and the Murderous Maths books; now my younger daughter is beginning to read them, too. They both love being able to select a book (or three or five!) at the conference and choosing is so much more fun when you can compare the books in front of you. We really appreciate the chance to buy them in person and your efforts to make that possible. We look forward to adding more books to our collection at the conference next year, too.  I put the check for this year's selections in the mailbox today, so it should be there soon.

I purchased 2 books at the Virginia Homeschool Conference for $7 each.  I was very excited about the Horrible History series and confess I couldn't decide which ones to purchase.  So I decided to purchase 2 that were not in the box set and see if my childen liked them as much as I anticipated (they did), and then purchase the box set of 20 Horrible Histores for $60 with their approval.  So I have 2 questions.  First, can I order the box set of Horrible Histories for $60?  Second, can I add the $14 owed for the 2 books from the homeschool conference in with that payment. Thank you for your time and providing these exciting books.  My husband already said even if the kids didn't like them, he wanted to read them. Oh, and P.S. I think you're crazy, but thanks for allowing us to take these books home without prepayment.

Hi Ray, we rec’d the books a few days ago.  I had to mention that my kids got the biggest kick out of the way you addressed the package!  Thanks for the smiles and mini ego boost, not to mention great customer service!  Hope each and every day is Horrible!  Thank you Ray. I think you might be my new favorite bookstore!

Great and thanks. The postman rang the doorbell just after 5PM.  The older one immediately stopped playing games to read LOF, though the younger one took awhile to get to the Horrible Science books - It was his birthday, so he got first crack at them.  Both boys had to have books taken away to get them to sleep hours later.  They never even finished their cake and ice cream - too busy reading :-)  It gets better still:  This morning the birthday boy had trouble getting up - seems he snuck out of bed last night, read several volumes of Horrible Science and fell asleep in the bathroom :-)   I didn't respond to your last message regarding my son's sleeping in the bathroom with the Horrible Science books ... because immediately each night sneeking out with Horrible Science and Murderous Maths became a nightly issue.  Now those books are moved into my (crowded) office each night (and counted, in case any are hidden somewhere).  Now, the practice is moving on to Life of Fred and some favorite Physics books - I guess I'm being tough on him when he'll choose even his textbooks to read at night ;-/  I feel guilty putting him back again and again to bed each night, but my wife insists.  Of course, both she and I spent OUR childhoods staying up reading all night (and for me, watching old movies). Oh well. Thanks again - we'll be looking forward to the books (My son doesn't expect them for another few weeks and has been getting ahead in math in order to plan to have time for them),

       Thanks again for the wonderful books,Great, Ray--thanks so much!  They arrived and we're wrapping them as goody gifts for the birthday party. We hope they inspire many many more purchases from you from our friends! 

Got the books today. My son is SOOOO excited! Thanks.

You are just horrible - thanks!!  My niece just emailed me - thanking me for the Perfect Sausage book!

Thank you for the free shipping.  I always tell people how Horrible you are when their kids want some really horrible books.  They are the best!!

Received the books today and my son is already enjoying them. Thanks so much for the excellent service and I look forward to making more purchases in the future.

My grandson loves your horrible books!  That's all he wants for his birthday.

Happy New Year. Thanks for the science magazines. My son has read them several times. I'll be ordering more.

Thanks Ray! Is there anywhere I can write a good review for you? You are awesome to work with and I'd love to spread the word.

Thanks so much… My son will love them… He has read all the Horrible Histories that he can get his hands on… It started when we went to Scotland, and he saw some books in Edinburgh... Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

Thanks Ray!!!  We tell everybody we meet, even strangers, how great these books are and how wonderful your service is. Peace to you and yours in 2011!  Horribly Yours

I have to tell you that I ordered almost all the Murderous Maths books and several of the Horrible History books along with Latin Prep last summer through my homeschool co-op’s group order. My boys (8 and 10) have not put them down. They LOVE them. Thank you for wonderful products.

We received the books today and my son is horribly happy! Thank you very much for the books and the great service!

Congratulations on adding Life of Fred, my kids' favourite math program. The other horrible math book we've read in the past year or so is The Number Devil, which you may wish to look at stocking sometime. We don't need those, and we ordered the complete set of horrible maths last year (I guess there are a few more), but here's what I'd like to order this time.

Got them yesterday. Wow - that was amazingly fast! I've already told several people about my great experience ordering books from you.  We'll be ordering more - My 12 year old is on a mission to buy them all, eventually.  

Ray, just received my order today and wanted to thank you for awesome customer service and quick shipping.  Be blessed!

Thanks for the update. We are looking forward to our new books. I wish to thank you for your lovely and efficient service. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to our future dealings. 

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BOOKS! they just got here! I am already looking to see which ones the boys are going to be reading first!

It was nice seeing you as well!  I didn't tell you but I "broke my rule" at your table - BUY no books for the kids at the EXPO (overflowing here).  They are just so irresistible!  Ilyas was very excited to see them :)  We look forward to receiving the DVD's.  Thanks!  Have a nice day

Just letting you know that we received the books last week and they are as awful as advertised. The set is a great deal and will make a truly Horrible Hanukkah gift!  Thanks much and I'll be happy to recommend your merchandise to other parents.

Our box was received today to much joy and jubilation!  Thank you ever so much.

Thank you very much for your prompt, friendly service and for the free gift.  A pleasure doing business with you!

You are the BEST!  You have exceeded my expectations.  Sept. 1 is just, well, Super!  That's perfect timing for my class.  Thanks!  A check will be in the mail tomorrow.

I can't tell you how delighted I was to get this mail.  We're on our third read of our books and need an infusion of fresh media.

I'd like to order the Horribly Famous 10 book set.  I know my son will love them!  He is obsessed with his Horrible Histories books we got from you. :)

Thank you; we received them and my son was absolutely thrilled.  He said they were even better than the last set.  Thank you very, very much!

My son's Horrible Science books are a huge hit at his gifted program this summer.  Every Monday he grabs another stack to read and share.  I've passed along your contact info to his teacher in case he may want to use some of the books in the future.

We found your books so incredibly horrible that we would like to order more!

My kids LOVE the books. They are now sitting on the top of my head saying that they know a whole lot more than I do...maybe I should be reading them too."

YES! She got the package on Monday, sooooo excited, even took pictures of the package before she opened the box. She was so addictive to those horrible books that she wouldn't do anything else. Yesterday she finished them all and started her second round....Thank you Ray for carrying those books and make them available on the internet. It's very valuable, at least to us. I will recommend to my friends.

We received the books earlier this week, and I just wanted to send a note to say thanks also for the free book.  It has already been read twice since it arrived (by different children)!  Thanks again!

Thanks for the horribly quick delivery!  Our books arrived Tuesday - probably before your check arrived.  Thanks again. My kids are already knee deep in their Horrible Science books.

Thank you - we got the books and my son hasn't left the sofa in days :)

I received the books on Saturday.  It was a great surprise!  Thank you so much, I'll be getting in touch with you again soon.

I think your worksheet looks horribly fantastic.  Thanks for your special products and service.  Unique is an overused and misused word in our world today, but I believe it does apply to your product.  I look forward to expanding our horrible library with your books.  

This day has been murderous.  We received the package filled to the brim with murderous maths & we are delighted!!!   will shamelessly promote the series & your excellent service to all the friends with kids & educators I know.

A few months ago, I purchased the "Bulging Box of 20 New Horrible Science Books" for my nine year-old daughter.  The good news is that she's utterly fascinated with them.  The bad news, aside from the fact that she quotes them during dinner, is that she is nearing the end of the collection.

We received the books!  Thank you very much. My daughter LOVEs them!!

Thanks so much for the books! We opened them today and began reading. It appears that Vicious Vikings is going to be a big hit in this house. :)

I would like to place an order for the Blood Curdling Box 20-Book Set ($70.00). Once my students (my sons) have been introduced to these books, I suspect we'll be ordering a LOT more from you.  :-) Per your website instructions, I'll await your confirmation and then mail a check to you. Your website is HORRIBLY AWESOME!  :-)  I'm so glad I found it!  Thanks so much,

To the Magnificent Ray Horrible, Just wanted to let you know the books arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank YOU Sooooooooooooooo Much. My son has already started reading them. have a wonderful day!

I received the 2 boxes of Horrible Magazines on Sat. My daughter LOVES the magazines!  I'll definitely order next time if we need any books from your website. Thanks again!

I'm soooooooooo happy you have these.  My kids will be psyched!  Have a great and fantastically horrible weekend.  :-)

We've got some very excited kids here...the books made it fine.  Thanks so much!

I am happy to know someone in the states gets these books imported.  I am ordering the Murderous Maths 13 book set for my classroom

Did you send Horrible science books? I'm wondering when I can get them as my boys are excited to wait. By the way, do you also have Horrible history boxed set? I'm wondering how much it is if you have. One of my boy loves math so, I'm also interested in math books in Horrible series. These days, I'm so interested in Horrible series. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me estimated delivery date.  Have a great day!

ray hi just wanted to thank you our magazine came today!!! absolutely stoked! thanks so much. i imangine i be intouch again  cheers

First and foremost, please thank Mr. Deary for creating these brilliant book series.  My sons, one of whom still refers to these books at (disturbingly) 17 years old (yikes!) has loved them since I started buying them when he was 6 years old.  Both sons, because of the nature of Mr. Deary's story telling, have become avid lovers of history.  I just hope to God his historic stories are (mostly) accurate.  Please tell me it is so !  Anyway, I would like to purchase more, so that I can enlighten friends here in the States how to get their sons interested and involved in caring about history.  Please tell me how to go about this.

I am so excited about these books.  My children and I love them, and it is a great way to get kids interested and excited about reading up on history.

When appearing on the Michael Medved radio show to discuss Why Boys Fail I encouraged parents to let boys read what they want to read. I listed the Captain Underpants series as an example of books that boys, not teachers, may love.  One alert listener (and book importer) urged me to take a look at the Horrible series of books -- British humor aimed at the level of boys.--Richard Whitmire, Author of Why Boys Fail

The books arrived yesterday, and are in the process of being devoured : )

Thank you for shipping it so quickly!  You'll make my second grade boy's day!

I am so excited!!  I love these books, but I think my friends and family in Ireland are tired of having to pick them up and ship them over to me.  I’m so grateful that you’re able to provide these books on this side of the pond!!

After resisting for a while, now it's time for my younger daughter to enjoy the books, so I'll order more.

By the way, those magazines are awesome! It's even hard for me to stop reading these.  Thank you for these great books and magazines.

Thank you for the Murderous Maths we received about a month ago.  My kids were pretty happy to open the box and start going through the books.

I ordered the Horrible Science set before and my son enjoyed them very much.  Thank you for selling the great books.

We love these books, my kids have already read through 1/2 of the ones you sent us!

The books and magazines have arrived. The children are ecstatic.  Thank you!

I received the books and the check yesterday. The books are horrible and completely murderous!  My son has already finished two of them.  Thank you very much!

Our box of books came yesterday.  You gave me a quiet afternoon!  Thanks!

We recieved them last week--thanks!  As usual I'm really impressed with everything. The science magazines will be a huge hit.  How in the world did you get into this business?  I'm glad you go through the trouble. They're a big hit in our house.  Every chance I get I point people your way. 

I just received them & am horribly delighted! Well, these should last for bribery, eh, I mean positive reinforcement, of course!, for the rest of 5th grade & possibly 6th! Thanks again for alerting me to the issues with the storage components as that'll ensure safe passage through childhood!  Thanks again & have a horribly wonderful day.

Wow, that's what I call great service! I'll let you know when the horrible lot arrives, too!

VERY impressed with the HH magazine set!!

I received the books and the check last Thursday. Thank you very much for the great service!  My son already enjoyed many of the Horrible books.

Dear Horrible Ray, I Just received our box of horrible science books- Thank you!  I am so very grateful as this is a very lean year for my family and this is the only present for one of my sons.  I know he will not complain as it beats getting only socks!

Just received our Horrible books today. Everything was all in order. Thank you so much for your efficient service and prompt refund (of out-of-stock books)!  It is always a pleasure to work with folks like yourself.  We'll be contacting you again in the new year for additions to our Horrible book collection. Have a great holiday season and happy New Year, Ray!

I wanted to let you know that your package arrived, safe and sound, at my door yesterday.  Thank you very much for packing the books so carefully!  Even the heavy Bulging Box arrived without bent corners, just as if it had arrived on Santa's sleigh.  I appreciate it.  Thank you!  Have a great day. 

I received my Horrible Books today!!  I am very happy with them and I am looking forward to reading through them!  I especially liked the address label "To the Great"....that made my day!   Thanks for the great service.   

Thanks!!!  I got the books and the check today~  My daughter was so happy and I got 100 kisses from her!  Thanks always~

 Thanks Ray,  I appreciate it.  The kids will love getting a big stack of these for Christmas!

Just to let you know that the package arrived today, and it looks great.  My daughter is going to love these magazines.  The postman got a kick out of the address tag ;-)  Thanks again

I received books, thank you very much, my son and I are very happy!

My children are thoroughly enjoying the books.  Thank you.

I love your site! My son has 1 Horrible book that we got in England last year and he loves it but can't find them here, obviously.

This looks great!  The check is in the mail.  Thank you so much for offering these - my sons and nephews are crazy about the books, but they are very hard to find.  They'll be so surprised!     Have a great weekend!

Attached is my Horrible order.  It's been a while since I ordered from you, so please remind me how I pay you.  My kids LOVE these books.  We have about 30 and they've read and re-read them over and over.

Received the magazines and Christmas book on Friday.  Our daughter is devouring the magazines!  Too bad so many editions are unavailable.  Thanks,

My son LOVES the Horrible books.  In the past, I've ordered them through our local bookstore and through Amazon, but it always takes forever no matter what I try.  I was happy to see your regular orders, and I'd like to add to your November order.

Our package arrived today.  My son is going to be incredibly excited to receive the Foul Facts Notebook with issue #1 of Horrible Science.  I have hidden all the math books but one to spread out the fun a little-and, perhaps, make our next trip a little easier for everyone.  He actually works on ideas from Key to the Universe almost every day.  Thanks again.  I am really glad that you are importing these books and selling them at such a great price.

Thanks Ray~  I am so thrilled to see my daughter's happy face~ : )  Thanks again!

First of all, thanks for the last order. My daughter is totally enjoying them.  I should have ordered more...  Anyway, my daughter wants more Horrible books.  And I cannot wait until December delivery.  Could you please check my attachment and let me know what are the available ones at this time. I know those Latin books are available now, but how about the others?  I recently got my daughter's California Standardized Test Result (START test). She scored perfect 600 on her math and another 600 for her English!  And all she asked me to buy for her are Horrible books....!!!  Since she made me happy with her test scores, I like to make her happy. Could you help me, PLEASE?  Please let me know the ones are available.  Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the note.  We'll watch for the books.  Always such horrible (NOT!) service!

Great!  My boys are enjoying the first batch immensely.  Thanks

Got it on Saturday!  My kids got a big kick out the address label ... thanks for the prompt delivery.  I'll definitely be contacting you for all future horrible business!

Thank you!  We received the books today and jumped right in to reading.  My 6-year-old thinks that they are fantastic!

Thanks again - our son absolutely LOVES the series!! 

My son loves the magazines.  When asked if liked them more than the books he said no-he likes them both.  He quickly realized that issues 1 and 2 are missing and is already bemoaning the loss of the issues that are out of print.   He opens one every morning so it is like Christmas every day.

Thanks for this service. My son loves these books!

Wow.  Received the books today!  Thanks so much, the books look great.  I've told my friends about them too...

I've never ordered from you, but my friend tells me that I have to get these books for my math-phobic gifted son! I'd like to order the Horrible Maths 9-book set.

We received the box of books, and my son is beside himself with excitement! Thanks so much.

Thanks Ray :-)  You're books arrived over the weekend and now all of the kids are reading them!  They're hilarious!

Got the books over the weekend.  I can’t get my son to put the first one down…  Thanks!!

I think that that is wonderful, swell, and groovy. I’ve just popped a check off to you at the address below.  Thanks so much for your quick reply! I look forward to ordering from you again.

By the way, I’m ordering from you because someone highly recommended you on a discussion board (for gifted kids) I belong to, and told about your upcoming order. He spoke very highly of your service. Just thought you’d like to know that someone is saying nice things about you.

The books arrived today.  My son asked me what was inside the box with the return address Horrible Books and I told him Horrible Books.  He said I would never buy him horrible books.  But as you know, I did.....and he finished Painful Poison tonight for his before bed reading.   Interestingly, besides dozens of horrible facts he also can now tell me what a poison is and how antivenom is made and probably many other tidbits I may or may not want to know.  So I would say that Horrible Books are a big hit at our house.

Hi Ray. I received all 20 Horrible books in great shape today. Thank you so much for your efficient service. I'll be placing another order with you in time for Xmas delivery. My son loves these books!

The books got here in fine shape and they're already arguing over who gets which ones first. The aliens on the cover seem popular ones.  If you can, please let me know when the other four come out. I'm sure the others will be dog-eared by then!

Ray, I received them yesterday.  Thank you so much!!!!  I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know.  Although, how you could get a better reputation, I don't know.

My books arrived today, so nicely packed that even our postman couldn't damage them (and that is saying something!). Thank you so much!

I received the books, and they were horrible!  Just how I wanted them.  Thanks!

Good Morning Ray!!  I received the books last night and all I can say is WOW!!  My son, for whom I got the books, is out of state for the next few weeks.  I started flipping through the pages, got intrigued and then started at the beginning; I have read ½ the Arithmatricks book already!  I KNOW math but these books are so comical and interesting, they bring points home with such out of the box thinking and entertainment, they’re fantastic!  I’ve already passed on the science magazine (I finished it already) to a friend with young children- the amazing thing is that almost regardless of age, the message can be translated across!  Her four year old might not need to know about the Atria and Ventricles but the drawings of the blood flow complete with construction trucks, ambulance, white blood cells beating up the bad guys is great!  When she’s finished going through it she’s going to return it to me for my son to read- although he already knows the information, it’s a great reinforcement and done in such an interactive way that I know he will want to read it regardless!  I most certainly will be ordering more, and passing the books around to my friends, including my son’s tutor who hates math!; my two sisters, both with their own math issues and for their four children, to the five women I work with, all with children and several individuals that are adults with no children, THAT is how impressed I am!  I am certain you will be getting many more orders to people in Pahrump and Vegas, thanks again for providing a wonderful avenue to learn!  I will be sending a check sometime this week for more Horrible math books, I will let you know which ones when I have had a chance to peruse your list again, then will move on to the other subjects.

 Thanks Ray - you are too horrible!

Thank you for the books!  My daughter loves them and took one to show her friend at sleepover tonight.  I might order more from you later for more history books.

Great!  He loves math and reading--so I'm sure he'll get addicted.  At least I know where to find them!

Sounds good, Ray.  I'll get the check in the mail today!  My son is excited about these books, and I've heard such great things from others about doing business with you.  Have a great day!

I just received my first order today. I wasn't home yesterday, so I went to the post office to pick it up today. I love the horrible science magazines. :) Thanks alot and I'll be looking forward to the second order. Thanks again.

And yes, the Horrible Books and Magazines are a huge hit -- with summer coming, I want to make sure that we have plenty of reading material in the house!

Hi, My son has a number of the Murderous Maths and Horrible science books. Thank you for your time - these are amazing books - your website is the most comprehensive I have seen for them - look for orders coming from me in the future on all those he has NOT yet devoured.

The books arrived. Thank you.  My kids are ensconced on the sofas, reading and giggling.  Thank you so much for going to the trouble to import these great books for us.

Yay!! You rock, Ray! Thanks again for helping make these awesomely horrible books available to us in the US!

what don't I have to complete the sets?  The magazines were a great hit.   the books are popular but didn't come with toys... I laugh.

The Horrible Histories magazines have arrived! Thank you so much. We look forward to many hours of entertainment/learning.

the kids LOOOOOVE the magazines. now i am worried that they will go out of print. should i worry? or stock up?  I'll shoot to get the next batch next month. too much of a good thing. the kids are eating it like candy : )  i am rationing them out.  let me know if they run out before then.

Dear Horrible Ray - my books and check arrived - THANKS again for the awful contents!

We received the books on Friday and my son immediately hit the couch with his face in the first book!  Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks very much.

I've heard only rave reviews about the books.  My husband also teaches high school math, so he might appreciate them as well as my homeschoolin' boys. =)  I've got math nerds galore living here!

My boys really enjoy poring over the books and magazines.  I asked them which we should send to their cousin and they both said the Histories; they said there are more jokes in the Histories.  But I am hearing horrible science stuff all the time.  I myself read the Vile Victorians over several days’ teeth brushing.  (2 minutes at a time…)

Just a quick note to say that the books arrived and my daughter loves them. She's having a hard time keeping her dad (a 7th grade social studies teacher) away from them before she reads them first.  Thanks again.

we got our magazines today........We LOVE them! They are super cool...so cool in fact that my son is cleaning his room lightning fast so he can go through them the rest of the afternoon! thanks a bunch! I can't wait to get the history books.

Mags arrived. Many thanks. we had blast this weekend

Just wanted to let you know that I rcv'd the HUGE box of mags, and my son is in HORRIBLE HEAVEN!  Thanks a bunch,

We got the books!  Thanks so much , we are very excited

Hey they came just now and the boys are already tearing into them!  Thanks!

Donated Blood Curdling Box to daughters school for her birthday and the kids love them.  Who wouldn't?  Thanks.

Thanks for the great service! I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. :) We can't wait to get the books.

I received the books this morning -- amazingly fast service!  I didn't expect they'd arrive until next week.  Thanks so much!

I received them and the class loves them - Thanks!

You are fabulosity, itself.. Everything came today.. my husband thinks we are having a torrid affair and you are mailing me love packages.. so funny,,, when he saw the contents he even laughed... Ok.. now tell me your remaining mag stock (Horrible Histories, included).  My daughter can't believe that it happened - that you can have comics that happened.... hard to put Calvin and Hobbes together with truly historic comics as a genre, I guess.

I got the books and check yesterday Ray. Thank you very much for the horribly outstanding service.

I told my son today they would be there when he gets back and he was jumping up and down. 

Hi Ray....my son has been Horribly anxious and had been asking at least once every day if I got the email from you. Thanks very much!  I'm sure he will be going to the mail box starting Friday to check for their arrival.

the box arrived today and omg!!.... i wish you could have been in the room when my little boy opened it. he turns 10 next week and is just the right age to be thrilled with this sort of thing. he equated it to the time we got about $1000 worth of fireworks for $80 on july 5th as the stand was closing down. that's a high compliment! haha. he's looking over it all right now and says,"my brain hurts!" and he means this in a good way..... ;-) he keeps finding new stuff and saying,"oh gross!" and i say, "and that's a good thing, right?" he's a boy, and he's 9, yeah that's a good thing... lol... just thought i'd share that with you. thanks again so much.

Wow!  We got the box today. Your quick!!  Did you already get my check? I think I just mailed it out on Monday. We have another baby due next month, and I always get the kids a "gift" from the new baby. My oldest son wanted another "horrible" book. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the magazines! He saw the package and said "I know what it is! I recognize the return address!" So, your famous here! Thanks! From the GREAT (tee hee hee, he also got a kick out of that) :)

Ray, the magazines arrived today. My son was so excited! Thank you.

Thanks for the topnotch customer service Ray!

Received the books. My son has already read 3 of them. He loves them!  Thank you so very much for all you did.

Thanks Ray.  We got them today.  It's quite educational for adults as well.

I am happy to finally submit an order after hearing so many good reviews of your service (and the books, of course).

Thanks my son will be so excited I think he has read the 40 or so we already have about 20 times each.

Thanks, Ray! Hope your holidays are just Horrible! And by the way, I SOOOO appreciate the opportunity you give me to order these great books and magazines!

Oh, that's earlier than expected so that's very much appreciated. Again, my reluctantly reading son has already devoured 3 Maths books, takes them in the car and to bed.  It will be a Horrible surprise when there are more Maths books under the tree!

Thank you very much. I appreciate the update and will be on the lookout for the books. (By the way, we rec’d the earlier package of the 20 pack of Horrible Histories. The teacher loved them and hopes that all of the boys in the class will find history fascinating.) Happy holidays…

Just wanted to let you know that the books arrived on Tuesday.  I hid the Horrible History books but handed my 11 yo son the math books just to see his reaction.  At first I got the evil eye since he's not a willing or great reader, but after I observed him after he'd looked them over and started reading one of them, he was smiling and snickering.  I thought that was a horribly good sign!  He is now carrying them with him whenever we have to go somewhere in the car (which is a lot!). So, thanks again and we'll look forward getting the rest in Jan '09 (sigh). 

My 2nd grader daughter loves these books so much! (her friend loves these too! That is why I am ordering 2 of them each!)

I got the books and check yesterday Ray.  Thank you very much for the horribly outstanding service.

Do you have an army of elves working with you there???  I can't imagine processing loads of orders and doing all the calculations and confirmations, but you seem to have it down to a, um, horrible science!

Thanks, all arrived beautifully!  How fun to come home to! :)

I wanted to let you know that the bookset arrived today... and is already being divied up by my kids.  Thank you!!  And a most horrible day to you as well.

I got the books and - WOW! I didn't realize each issue would come with a "prize" - that in itself is really great. The magazines that have looked through so far are very lively, well done, and I am sure the kids will love them. I can't believe they are going out of print!  The kids will hardly believe they are doing "school work" as they read through these magazines. They cover so many amazing topics!  Now I hate that I ordered only one set! I wil definitely be putting in a new order with you in the new year. Hopefully you will still have some magazines available.

Thanks.  We received the package the other day.  Will wait til Christmas to open it.  Very exciting!!

I just received Horrible Histories Magazines!  It is too exciting!!  Thank you very much for such a quick delivery.

I am extremely happy about the magazines getting here for Christmas as we've already had the discussion with the kids that we've missed the Christmas ordering deadline.  They will be very happy and surprised.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I received the magazines this weekend.
They are great!

Thanks so much for my horrible order! I recieved it today :)

We LOVED the books we received in the last order and must have more!

My son LOVES!! The Horrible History Magazines.  I would like to order more for us and the first set of 1-20 for my son's teacher to have in her classroom

The books arrived Saturday. Thanks for everything. My kids are having a great time getting to know the series.

Ray, the books came and are being horrible enjoyed by my son. The tin box for the cards and the binder were a nice surprise.

Received our order yesterday, Ray, and the magazines and books have kept the kids busy, busy, busy!  They stayed up quite late reading last night.

The anticipation was grisly!  The box arrived today, right after I emailed you--thank you so much.  My son was horribly overjoyed.

We received our order on Monday!  Thank you.  All are sick and receiving the book order made for a Horrible Day!!  Thanks again.

Just thought I would let you know that the books arrived today, and that the boys have their noses buried in them already!  They look like a lot of fun.  Thanks again so much for the excellent service!

Figured it's about time to put up your announcement on Hoagies' Announcements... www.hoagiesgifted.org/whats_ new.htm as well as the Parents and Educators pages.

The magazines arrived yesterday.  I have started a new round of horrible fun with my son.  Many thanks!

I just got home at 8:45pm and Guess What.............. Yes! my books are here.. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! YEA!

You need to change your name to "Awesome Ray". Thanks so much for sending the book in advance. I really appreciate your trust. We will look through the list to see what Horrible Histories we need for our collection. They will make good Christmas presents.

The books arrived today, quick shipping!  My son is really enjoying the science magazines, we'll have to order more when he finishes them.

Books arrived today!  (Shakespeare and Murderous Maths)  My 9yo got a big smile on his face :)  Thank you!!

What timing! No sooner had I read your email than my daughter called out, "Hey, there's a book at the door!"  Thanks! It looks like it will be a Horrible Day:-)

Received them today!  My son loves them!  Thanks so much.  I’ll be ordering more later.

Thanks so much. My son can not wait to get those books.

I put a link to your site on my FaceBook....a little advertising for you because you are so awesome.

I've just found out about your web site from a friend and am very excited to be able to place an order. It's been so hard finding a place to order Horrible books here in the US.

What a great idea!  Finally a source of these Horrible, Murderous books here in the US!

I wanted to thank you as well for the last order.  We're greatly enjoying the books and appreciate the service you're providing!

Got my act together for this months order.  I have attached the Excel worksheet.  I already have a list started for the September order.  Looking forward to the release of 'Terrible Tomb of Tutankhamun' .  
We are going to see the Tutankhamun exhibit in November in Dallas, so I am looking forward to the kids reading that book.  I did order 'Tutankhamun and His Tombful of Treasure', and 'Tomb of Treasure' So that should give us a start.  Ray, I did forward your email to a couple of Homeschooling groups in town.  I have had many people asking when the next order was, so keeping my fingers crossed that you will get many orders from them.  Thank you so much for doing this, I am so glad that you do this.  I do not know how we would ever enjoy so many of those Horrible books.

This is a birthday gift!  Very grateful to you for arranging this--My son will be thrilled.

Hi, Ray!  My kids are really eating these magazines up!  They stay up late reading them, and my son is forever informing me of various historical and scientific facts that he read about -- most of which, by the way, that I never learned myself!  Thank you so much!!  I love getting these emails from you to remind me --  and my kids have sent up a cheer to hear that I'm ordering more!

I came home Friday expecting an ordinary experience and what do you know - it turned out to be a Horrible day! I have been going through the books and my husband and I are very impressed! You really can't find books this well suited for young kids, especially boys in the states. We will definitely be placing another order. The Galore Park Junior English books are also the kind of thing we were looking for to teach the kids "proper" English in a fun way. The books look very thorough, but seem to have very engaging topics that kids really want to read about - real animals they may encounter in the backyard, stories on trains, and even creepy crawly bugs to teach about nouns, verbs, and all area of grammar. Coupled with our School House Rock collection the kids will hardly believe this is really school!  I have to admit it - I'm hooked! We sampled Muderous Math, Horrible Geography, and Dead Famous and each one was a winner!  Look for another order from me!

They arrived today in great shape! My kids are already looking at the Geography books :-)  Thanks horribly !!

My 8 year old son is jumping up and down with excitement.  He has read all of the books, and now he is after the magazines.

I got the magazines Monday.  They're great and I really love the extra added "goodies".  Thank you so much!

My son LOVED the Horrible books I bought him last year (for this school year).  They were a MAJOR hit!  I doled them out slowly.  As we covered a unit, I gave him the corresponding book.  He has read them all over and over!

Thank you for sending the first 20 Horrible Histories magazines, Ray.  They are really fun!  I'd like to go ahead and order the rest of the Horrible Histories magazines, 21-80

I just wanted to let you know that our books arrived awhile ago (I meant to write earlier) and they were a big hit.  We had a really horrible day that day.  In fact, it was so horrible, we couldn't get anything that wasn't horrible accomplished!  My kids want ALL the magazines in the series, but I told them they need to give the ones they got a thorough read through first!  Thanks so much for your kind and personable service.  We really enjoyed our horrible day!

And, yes, they are definitely sufficiently Horrible!  One of my students practically devoured the new magazines as soon as I brought them in.  I just love it :-)

It's a pleasure to see my son react with enthusiasm to something that involves learning

Just wanted to let you know the second shipment arrived -- and was as appreciated as the first. Many thanks (and we will keep in mind the June 8 order date).

Our Horrible order arrived today.  I wish you could see the excitement in our house!  It is honestly better than Christmas morning!!  These magazines are AWESOME!!!!!

A testimonial for Murderous Maths books -- last Saturday my two sons won the team trophy in a math contest held at a Bay Area high school. The contest was for grades 6-8 and 70 kids participated.  Individually my sons also won first place (6th grade) and tied for second place (7th grade). And they told me later that they had used things they learned from the Murderous Maths books to help them with some of the problems!!!! Other than reading Murderous Maths books they did no formal prep for this contest -- and now they have $150 between them and a gigantic trophy :-)  Thanks for everything!

The books made it here today, all the way to Japan. Very impressive. I'll be sure to sing Horrible praises at the curriculum fair tomorrow.

I got them yesterday and my daughter has already read two of them.  thanks!

Thanks Ray, we LOVE those books, and you are so efficient at all the ordering process.  Thanks so much, and I'm sure we'll place another order in the near future.  Have a great day!

We just returned from a two-week trip to find the "Horrible" Magazines had arrived.  The magazines are a hit!!  Our son is enthralled -- he has been reading them non-stop since we opened the box.  Thanks for the great service!

My youngest daughter has a complete set of Terry Deary's Horrible Histories. She is saving them for her children! I've been wanting them for teaching purposes for a LONG time, so this is very exciting.

By the way, we received our order with the first 20 issues of Horrible Histories magazines and I have a problem, my kids don't want to do anything else, lol.  We'll have to get the next 20 soon.  Thank you for providing these wonderful and engaging resources for our kids.

Thanks for letting me know my check arrived, Ray!  We can't wait until our delivery.  My 12 y/o boy was literally drooling as I showed him the Horrible Histories on your website!

Great stuff, of course – I’m looking forward to reading these along with my son – glad there’s enough to go around.  ;)  Those magazines are wonderful – perfectly horrible enough for my son.  And me?  I love the timeline portion of them; that’s brilliant, and quite well done.  Good stuff – thanks again!

I am very excited about my order. Thanks again for organizing this.  I am grateful I learned about you (on one of my homeschool message boards).  I'm sure I will be a repeat customer!

My son went to England to visit his paternal grandparents for Easter.  While  there, he got 4 titles in the Horrible Histories series.  He loves the books  and is devouring them quickly.  I started searching online to see if we could get more of the series here in the States.  There were a few titles listed on eBay, and more at Amazon.  Then I found your website.

The books arrived today. THANK YOU.  I can not wait to get the other 4!  Waiting to tell the kids about the books arriving, as I need a little more chore work out of them today.  Once they find out about the books, I wont see them until they have them all read.  Thank you again,

Thanks for the info!  I'm sure this will be the first order of many!  My kids couldn't stop looking and reading the covers on your website and begged me to get ALL of them :-) I've got a head start here with too much, but can't wait to get them!

I have talked with Terry Derry, via e-mail, about ordering his Horrible Histories books, but he had said that there were some issues regarding having the books shipped to the US.  So, I was THRILLED to find that I can order from your site.  I found these books while I was in Belfast, and I want to get them for my sons.  They are the best books ever!!  Any assistance and/or suggestions you could offer would be fantastic!!

I just wanted to follow up and tell you how Horrible those magazines and books were; we’ll definitely be placing another order.  Curious about something:  do the History magazines come with a similar lesson-related little item for each issue, like the science magazines do?  (That was a lot of fun, by the way!)  And in general, are the history mags as good as (well-written, funny, etc.) as the science magazines?  As for the science items, my husband has a master’s degree in Chemistry, and a PhD in Materials and Nuclear Engineering, and he was very impressed with the magazines and the book on Chemical Chaos.  He thought it was especially great that they give history and biographical information surrounding the chemical stuff they were discussing.

Great thanks.  Have put a link directly to your Horrible page from my books page and hope it will be a help to US readers and especially those who want magazines (for which I have no source).  Keep up the good work.  Terry Deary

You are the best!!!  I am at a loss for words at your kindness.  And my DH will be the first to tell you that is SOMETHING.  My DS will be so excited.  His birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am going to surprise him with the HH books.  Oh, guess I did find something to say.  (tee hee)  Thanks again for all you do.

Thanks, Ray!  That was super speedy superior service :)

Just received them this weekend and we are already putting the cards and timelines together and the kids are poring over the magazines as we speak!  Thanks again!

Thank you so much, we love them!!  When are the next Horrible Science magazines available for order?

We received our order and have torn through it.  My son loves these
magazines.  Thank you for all of your time.

Received them yesterday and the kids are already going through the magazines voraciously!  Thank you SO much!  We like them so well that we would like to order the first 20 issues of Horrible Histories Magazine now.

thank you.  One of my students wanted me to specially thank you for making it possible for us to get these books.  Have a great horrible day.

It was Christmas in February in our house last night.  My son received his Horrible Science Magazines.  He absolutely loved them!  The only complaint I have is that I could not get him to bed before midnight.  Thanks again for this wonderful service you provide.

The books arrived yesterday. My son opened the box, climbed in and we
haven't seen him since. ;-)

We've received the Horrible History Magazines - My daughter is enjoying them tremendously (or is that "horribly"?)

we got them yesterday and the kids are thrilled!  Thank you so much.

Perfect!  My boys have been begging me to get more of the magazines - maybe these books will satisfy their desires!

The address is correct and I'll confirm that we will want both the science and histories magazines next time as well.  The kids LOVE them.  My husband is a history buff and he's been impressed with the content.

Our first shipment arrived today.  We are thrilled with the magazines!

The buzz among homeschoolers is that the lot of 20 Horrible History magazines is an invaluable resource - especially for reading-reluctant boys.  Sold!  I would like to order the first 20 currently available as quickly as possible. 

I totally spaced ordering books this time because it has just been impossibly busy for me recently.  I wanted to make sure that we're still getting all the magazines (history and science) this time around.  The kids are completely enjoying the magazines that have come so far.  There's something about the format that is really compelling, even to a kid who typically doesn't like disjointed text with lots of sidebars.  These things are great and I can't wait for the science ones to arrive!

Boy, am I thrilled to find you! I've been piecemealing our collection of horrible books and magazines off eBay. What a gift to get them in one place!  I'm probably going to want to order all the HH magazines, will give the first twenty science mags a try, plus order the odd (no pun intended) book here and there.

I just opened my box of Horrible History magazines.  WOW!  I feel like a paid endorsement.  I don't yet know anyone who has tried the mags and I was wondering if they were "worth it" - $60 at once seemed like a lot.  Oh Man, sign me up.  I want them all.  I am going to be telling all the homeschoolers I hang out with that they are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I will send an official order for all and any you've got coming soon.

Thanks for being our Horrible source.

I can't believe these books aren't published in the US - they're fabulous!

The magazines arrived, and they are wonderful.  Thanks!

Thanks for sending those so fast. We got them last week, Thursday, I believe. Your service rocks!

My kid is really enjoying the History magazines. I love those, too. 

Thanks so much for sending these!  They arrived yesterday in great condition.  My son LOVES the magazines and is begging that we just open them all at once, but I'm trying to ration them out a bit at a time.  He's already through one book, my daughter is working her way through another.  We'll be adding to the order, but it'll be in addition to the horrible science and horrible histories magazines that you're doing as well.  More books later...

Just to let you know we rec'd the Horrible books yesterday.  Thank you so much for this wonderful service you provide.  My son really enjoys reading the horrible books.

I was thrilled to receive the Horrible Books. My 10 year old son will have a wonderful time with them, and I'll get to enjoy them when he reads me the juiciest bits!  Too bad Henry VIII got axed (!) but thanks for the refund check.

Horrible news!  My kids were horrified to find a bunch of horrific books on the front stoop, today. ;-) 

Just wanted to let you know I received my 20 HH mags today...I'm delighted, didn't realize they came with all the extras! I know my son will be excited too when he gets home from school. Well, looks like I'll need to sit down & decide whether to get set #2 before you place the order this month. I'll also pass on the info about this group to some other moms who have up&coming historians in their families or perhaps, even I daresay, reluctant historians. I know they'll be big hits!  Thanks again! I'm horribly delighted!

I already have the full set of Horrible Histories magazines, so just put me on the list for the Horrible Science magazines - as many as you're getting.  Just put my check towards them.  I'd like to
eventually collect all of them.  I don't mind waiting.  I really appreciate what you're doing.

Send us the mags as they come through, history or science.  I might forget to specify theorder each time, but we want them all.  Either send a collection notice, or just charge it through the card that you have and let me know after the fact.  Thanks so much for doing this!

Thanks!! You've saved Christmas for our little reader!

I'm one of your customers that has ordered shipments of Horrible Histories from you in the past. My 8 year old just finished her wish list for Santa, and wouldn't you know it, she wants Horrible Histories, Dead Famous, and Murderous Maths for Christmas. I know your order date for deliveries before Christmas has come and gone, but I was wondering if you had any inventory on hand?

Thank you so much.  My son has read the "horrible" books we have now a dozen times each, at least!!!

My daughter is busy checking many, many books on the Excell order sheet. It's already well over $200! Then it's my son's turn. Yikes!  I'm sure they would be interested in the magazines too (if I dared let them know about them). My kids just devour those Horrible books!  It also doesn't matter if we get them before the holidays. . . .it's a big holiday when they arrive!

our Horribles arrived today.  Thank you very much for making the order possible. You've made our lives truly Horrible!

I am so excited! Our children love to read, and especially enjoy the weird and wacky. What a gift that your books do the weird and wacky thing and teach (shhhhh!), as well. Their brains won't atrophy over the summer....joy!

Another mom on my daughter's skating team recommended Horrible Books.  (Up until now, we'd been stuffing our bags with them when we went to London; this is much easier.)

I just wanted to let you know we received the books.  They were very well protected & arrived in perfect shape.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Have a wonderful holiday season (or a horrible holiday season ?)Wonderful!  Nice talking to you too.  You are super efficient.  Glad that my son
will be able to enjoy the horrible books soon.  Many thanks, and have a great day.

My son is still addicted to these.  We are actually thinking of listing the set on our home owners policy we have so much invested at this point!

I got the books yesterday.  They were in perfect condition.  Thank you very much.

Wish you could have seen my son's face this afternoon when he realized his Horrible Books had arrived!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this service!

Just wanted to let you know that the books arrived today (well, yesterday, but I picked them up at the PO this morning), and the kids and I have been enjoying them.  Everything looks great, and I'm so pleased.  Thanks again for everything!

Just wanted to send a big thanks! I received my Horrible and GP books today. I really appreciate your time in this effort. I'm sure you will hear from me again if I can scrap up more dough.

I received my books today. Thank you for everything. Of course I will order more in your Sept and Oct. orders :-)

Received the books in great shape today!  Thanks much for doing this!!

I received the order yesterday - all in good condition.  My daughter's already read four of the thirteen books.  Guess I'll have to place another order soon again!

Everything arrived today safe and sound! Thanks. I will definitely be ordering again.

I received my order today.  Everything is in excellent condition.  I will put in another order in the future.

My friend got books yesterday, it’s great! Very appreciate to make these books available in USA.  Now we start our horrible days and might come back to you for more  Thanks again

Yea!  We got them today. Of course I had to hide them from my son as 3 are for our studies this coming year!  Thanks.

Our order arrived on Monday, much to the delight of my son- new Horribles trump just about any other interest of his!

received the books, had to hide them from the kids so I could read them first!

IWe received our package of Horrible books today. They arrived quicker than expected and in perfect condition.  What a Horrible surprise!  Thanks a bunch.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from us for a future order.

Thanks so much for the marvelously horrible books we received. They all arrived in good condition. We have all delved into them with great pleasure! Hope you are having a truly horrible weekend!

Just wanted to let you know that the horrible package of Horrible Books arrived in today's mail.

I really think what you’re doing is a great thing – that is, making Horrible Histories available to people in the U.S. and beyond. I hope they’re a hit in my gift shop as much as they are with me!

I spent the weekend building a tall, narrow bookshelf that fits in a corner of our entry hall -- it has room for all of our current Horrible books and the ones to come soon. It'll be like Christmas when I get the book order :-)

Oh!  There is nothing "horrible" about you!  Thanks "galore"!

Here is my horrible order! My kids LOVE these books!

Thrilled to find access to ordering Horrible Histories!  Got one while we were in Scotland.  My daughter loves them and I was very disappointed when I couldn't find a USA distributor.

my daughter loves the horrible books (have to hide them on her or she would read them all at once!)

They're here!!!  Yeah!!!  Thanks, again!  Will put the July order date on our calendar.

 The Horrible Books got to Livermore today!!  And they were horribly well packaged -- many, many thanks for everything :-)

Horrible Books arrived today in Atlanta, GA!  Already having a Horrible time with them.

I received mine today in Durham, NC.  Thanks!  My son loves them so far.

We received our Horrible books today.  The house is eerily quiet as our children are enjoying their Horrible day thanks to you :)  Thanks again for making Horrible Books available!

I got mine on Friday.  Horribly sorry I didn't get to you right away.  Thank you so much.

our books arrived a few moments ago. My son is in heaven-- "wow! Look at this HUGE stack of books!" he said. 

Thanks for the great service-- we'll get more next time.  Thanks again

Just wanted to thank you again - the Horrible books we ordered came in today in beautiful condition and my daughter is avidly reading the first.  In fact, it's way after her bedtime and she just can't put the book down ....  yeah!  Thanks again

Our Horrible book order just arrived and it's looking pretty grim. My son is now set for horrible summer reading!  Thanks.

Just wanted to let you know that the books arrived today. Thanks! We'll have a quiet house for the next few weeks.

Our Horrible books arrived today in great shape. Thanks! My kids are fighting over them.

Just wanted to let you know that the Horrible books arrived here on Tuesday, well ahead of the Horrible schedule.   My kids already have their noses in them and I'm sure that we'll be making another order on the next round.  Thank you very Horribly for doing this!

We got our horrible books Friday.  They arrived in perfect condition, and are now in the hands of the (horrible?) children.

It's been a horrible week. Our books arrived Monday. They're horrible. Thank you very much for the horrible service. We will definitely order horrible books from you again. ;)  They are really enjoying them!

The books arrived today in NW FL.  Thanks so much! I just took them out of the box and already have two kids with noses in books!

Thanks so much - I was glad you sent to promptly, we are headed to the King Tut exhibit in Philadelphia tomorrow, and we've already read The Awful and the Awesome egyptians!  Thanks - looking forward to more horrible books in the future

Got the books and my daughter loves them!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my horrible order yesterday in King George, VA.  I am horribly delighted at the service I received, and I love how horribly well packed they were, with not so horrible recycled materials!

The boys are thrilled at our selection - thanks for doing this!

I just received my Horrible book order. Everything arrived in perfectly Horrible condition. I appreciate your Horribly great service! ;)

What frabjous joy! Callou! Callay! My horrible books arrived today!  Thanks Ray!

The books arrived, my dd wouldn't stop reading them until she'd finished them ALL in three days.  Sigh.  We'll probably be ordering from with you again!

As the Pacific storm moves in bringing forecasted rain, snow and high winds, we are having a Really Horrible Day today. Thanks!

 I received all five books today. They were in great shape. Clever box recycling, as well. Have a Horrible Evening!

The books (and refund check) just arrived today and everything looks horribly good!

It is Horrible! We received our horribly [well :)] packed box full of Horrible Books today!

It was a horrible day at our house. The horrible books arrived.

The Horrible Books arrived today.  They will make one Horrible little boy very happy on his Horrible birthday this Sunday.  :-)

Received them today!!!  Could you see the beaming smile of my 8 yr old?  He chose the poison book first....um...yay??

My son was very excited to see the box of books waiting at the front door when we got home from choir that ends at 12 noon.  i think he's almost finish his first one !
my son is drooling at the prospect that they might be here soon!

Wooohooo! I started talking them up this week, so she's getting excited!!

Thanks for doing this--my daughter would happily lock herself away with the whole collection and read straight through if we owned them all.  We'll have to name a shelf of our library after you.

I know....we got hooked on them when living in Thailand and my boys were at a British school.  It's great you're doing this for the group....these books are so great!

Unread Horrible Books?  That's a new one.

First of all... thanks for doing this!  Our sons (ages 10 and 7) love these books.  We homeschool and these books are great resources.

My mother recently went to London and brought back a selection of Horribles (History, Math, and, I think, Science) for us to try. We are true believers now! So, I would be extremely excited to order more.  I can wait 'til February if necessary, but would rather get them sooner. : )

We received our shipment on Saturday.  My son has not removed his nose from the books but he made a grunting noise, which in my experience is an indication of sublime pleasure.  We have the reminder for January's order posted on the fridge. Thank you so much for giving us access to these great books.

It was very kind of you to send a refund for the damaged book in addition to sending the damaged book itself.  We will let you know when our books arrive. Again, thank you for doing this and making horrible books available to us disgruntled colonists this side of the pond.

Ray, our mail came in the morning today instead of the usual afternoon delivery, and the books are here !!! my son and i can't wait to tear into the box.  we've got all the books we've ordered. thank you very much again, we'll be enjoying the books.

Our books arrived today in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for all your help and diligence.  This has been, probably, the best book buying experience I have had, and I have bought many books lol.  You will certainly be on our list for buying more in the future.

Our Horribles arrived yesterday and we're horribly delighted.  Thanks again for making this possible and we'll check in with you again before January 28.

The Horribles arrived today in excellent condition. NYC--Manhattan. Now I just have to figure out how to hide them until gift-giving time. :-)  Have a wonderful holiday--you've certainly guaranteed that we will.

Ray, we received our books.  I gave my daughter 2 and saved the others for Christmas presents.  She couldn't decide which one to read first so she's reading both and already asking for more.  My daughter is 8 and in the 3rd grade.  We live in a small town and it has been difficult to find books on her level that keep her interest.  These are a big hit and I'm recommending them to everyone.

 I received my books today!  What a great surprise.  I keep hearing squeals of delight from my kids, and then long spells of silence, while they dig through the box.  Thank you!!!

things here in Jersey City are now officially horrible. the book order arrived this morning. thanks again!!

The Horrible books have arrived!!  We've dropped everything to begin reading them -- Thanks again

The books arrived today, thank you!  It's a good thing the boys do not know what is in the box, otherwise the books all would be read by Christmas. :-)

The books came yesterday.  They really are Horrible.

The box of books arrived safe and sound.  Thank you for everything!  We will definitely be back for the next order, because we don't have enough books.  ;-)

Thanks Ray!  We got the books this afternoon plus the check.  We're all having a great time here.  The kids are piling them up by their beds.  Thanks for doing this!

The books arrived yesterday, and the boys are busy reading!  Thanks -- I am passing word along to others who might be interested.

Arrived yesterday!  Thanks so much!

Hi Ray - my books arrived today - right on schedule!  Thank you so much.  We look forward to your next ordering opportunity.  thanks again.

Ray - THANKS - they arrived and my daughter has been beside herself with deciding which to read first!  I am saving my pennies to get more in the fall!  THANKS AGAIN

Ray: got them a couple of days ago and the kid already loves them. strangely enough, out of all the histories and science, he chose the roald dahl bio first and read it in about 2 sittings.  he's on the aztecs/mayans now. thanks again!!

I just want to compliment Ray here for putting together an order for tagmaxers earlier in the summer. He was very thorough and organized, communicating with us multiple times via email about when books would be expected and other details of the transaction. My daughter received a big stack of books as we were about to take off on a long trip, and these beloved books have been great to have along.

Thank you so much Ray!  This is a wonderful service you are providing.  I am hoping to place an order this time.  We have a few more of the Murderous Maths books that DD is dying to get her hands on, and both kids want the Horrible Geography series and whichever Horrible Science books we still don't have.  Meanwhile, I have a copy of your excel list sitting with a highlighter so I can mark off what we already have as it comes passing through.  Copies keep turing up in strange places and they don't stay long on the shelves!

[DS] has flown through all the Horrible histories and the Dead Famous Books.  They're great reads.  Thanks, Ray!

Things got hectic around here and I forgot to email you when we received the book. Thanks! Please let us know when you do this again.   :)

Thank you MR. Horrible Ray : )

Oh, goody!  I think we will have to do another round.  The kids are devouring the ones we got for Christmas. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with these orders.

We've done all the Murderous Maths titles, and many have been read twice. The concepts seem well represented (from what I've scanned), and the humour is purely "kid"!   I've now been ordering them for cousins and friends.  Famous Dead People have also captivated dd's attention.

DS will be carting them around throughout his  life! We're in the process of moving into a rental for a year while we build a new house - DS is agonized over putting the Horribles, Murderous, etc. books into storage. They are some of the most read books in the house, right up there with Calvin and Hobbs.

My dd also loves the Murderous Math books; I am sorry I did not get in on the combined order, as I ordered her four of the books for Christmas books, which she read in a day. I think there are maybe two of them left that she hasn't written. She also gave a copy of the "Arithmetrics" books to her teachers at school. My hope is that they will like it as well, and make a recommendation to include them in the school library!

My ds-10, who is math obsessed, absolutely loves the Murderous Maths series.  They are so irreverent and challenging and fun. He has read them several times already (I just got them over the summer) and will pick one of them up here and there to look up a particularly fun or interesting formula or number game. If your kids like math, they will not want to let the books go.  My ds is still annoyed that a friend from school has not returned the one he borrowed in September.

Three years ago we purchased the entire Horrible Series you listed for our PG 9 yo.  He enjoyed all of them and we have made them a permanent fixture in his library..."Entire" was everything Scholastic had in each of the series.  Not sure of exact number but it is two complete rows in is book case...Each of the books are not lengthy and he went through them relatively quickly.  We would give a "two thumbs up" for anyone considering using them.  To my knowledge there has only been praises on all the lists we belong to relative to the Horribles...They are highly recommended, expensive, and unusual.  We would not consider letting ours get away.

They are aimed at upper elementary aged kids (so 5th grade reading level should be fine) but contain lots of graphics/cartoons/jokes some of which might not be appropriate for younger kids. My son would have enjoyed them at age 6, but he wouldn't have gotten all the jokes. Some of the content tends to be rather gory (they are advertised as history with all the horrible parts left in) so they might be too intense for a sensitive child. The vocabulary is more challenging than similar books aimed at American kids, with lots of British jargon (which my son adores and has incorporated into his everyday vocabulary.) You might want to buy one or two and see what you think. I have a friend who ordered some for her fourth grade son (not GT and not a great reader because of LDs) and she has been using them for bedtime reading. She has found that little brother (age 5.5) is really enjoying them, and she enjoys reading them much more than the usual bedtime fare! There is a cartoon series of Horrible Histories that you can order from Amazon UK that would be appropriate for younger kids. I found the series rather obnoxious (the voices are all pretty shrill), but my son enjoyed them (at age 9 or so).

I've just been notified that Ray at Del Sol Books is ready to put in another order for the UK's Horrible Books series. You can find more information on Terry Deary's Horrible Histories in my What Guys Read post from last June. With the bulk discount, he sells the books for about $7.50, plus $7 shipping no matter how many books you buy, which is a better deal than you'll get on Amazon or eBay. These particular books are beloved by kids everywhere. At first glance, the boys found 28 books they wanted. To participate, place you order with Ray. Thanks, Ray!

Bulging Box of 20 Horrible Science Books, Horrible Books and MagazinesHave a Horrible New Year!  It's Horrible Books time again. Ray at Del Sol Books is readying another bulk order from the UK of Horrible Histories/Science/The Knowledge and the other Terry Deary books. For those who don't know, these books are short chapterish books that cover lots of "educational" topics in all their gory (and don't stint on the human sacrifice) details. These books aren't available in the US and they can run $20 a piece on ebay, but Ray gets them for ~$7.50 a piece with a flat rate for shipping ($7).  These books are appropriate for gifted elementary aged kids and particularly appeal to 9-12 year old boys, who are terribly difficult to find books for. These are probably not books your child will give up that easily. They are the kind of book that beg to be read over and over. I finally gave up and dedicated a bookshelf in our bedroom for part of DS's collection because they were always on our bed anyway. He loves to read up in our bedroom loft, which in the winter is the coziest place in the house.  I think my son will be taking his collection (and he must have over 60 by now) to college with him!!!



To Order or to Ask a Horrible Question, read the Horrible Order Info, and email Horrible Ray
Horrible Books, Art of Problem Solving Math Books, Life of Fred Math Books, and MOEMS Math Books
333 N Main Street, # 2464, Cedar City, UT, 84720
Horrible Books, Art of Problem Solving Math Books, Life of Fred Math Books, and MOEMS Math Books