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Life of Fred Endorsements

Horrible Ray,  We are back for more books. You are the only person we've ever ordered our Life of Fred books and we tell people about you ALL. THE. TIME. Keep up the awesome work of being awesome.

Received the books. My child tried to stay up to read all three books on one night. I thought I won when I put him to sleep, but it looks like he woke himself up at the crack of dawn to read. His teacher is going to have one sleepy kid in her class today. :)  I am sending out the check today. Thank you!

I shouldve videotaped the expressions and squeals of delight and astonishment as I opened the box containing the new Life of Fred books!  My eldest son was especially happy; he is self-taught thanks to these books. I am writing to order some more!  As always, looking very much forward to receiving these.  Why, Fred is like a member of the family by now!

Dear Horrible Ray,  We received our pristine Life of Fred books and I thank you for your excellent packing. I don't think I have ever been dubbed "The Great" so I also thank you for acknowledging my magnificence (without even a smidgen of evidence for it). Following your advice, we've been making use of Khan Academy and so I thank you thirdly for steering us to it.  In short, I am very grateful that we stumbled on your store. I hope to find more opportunity to shop at Horrible Books in future, despite the inapt description.  

Two years ago I ordered from you the complete set of Fred books, and it was without a doubt the best homeschooling purchase Ive made!  So thank you for continuing to offer them!

I just wanted to say thank you for The Life of Fred books.  I hope you will receive this message. I recently became our 12 year old daughter's primary homeschool teacher after four years at a private school, which we attended two days a week and then homeschooled the rest.  Her favorite teacher, her math/ science teacher, recommended your books and I was intrigued.  Yesterday, she came to the table with her lunch.  Two organic chicken patties, which were both cut into eights.  She began telling me the part of the fractions she was eating and the remainders.  I was astonished!  One of those truly golden moments of a parent, and especially a teacher/ parent whom has been waiting for the joy of math to return. Your book is the first one she wants to start with each day of homeschooling.  And, I was recently surprised to realize she is half way through the first book of the pre-algebra series. Thank you so much.  Our daughter is once again enjoying math, and I am loving the experience right along with her.  I wish all our learning could be so enjoyable, edifying, and integrative. bravo to you- thank you for taking the risk of such a novel approach to teaching! And God bless you!

Thanks for the advice! I bought this set for my 2e son who is an avid reader. He attends private school and we do afterschooling to provide enrichment. He has standard math in school but I'm hoping LOF will help him understand why we learn math and how it is used in everyday life. As a child with Asperger's syndrome, he can be a bit rigid. We are also doing world history this year. I have been wanting to check out Kahn for a while and I know that a lot of parents use it for their gifted kids and it will give him the chance to explore a lot of different topics of interest at his own pace. Sometimes I can't keep up with him!

Thanks for the information. Believe it or not, I ordered these books for my personal pleasure. I love math and I find myself assisting family and friends--kids with math. I wanted to read these for the pleasure and to have an insight into "why" we need to know this information. Call me a Geek!

Very happy with your services and will buy from you again.  I am on a homeschool Facebook group dedicated to users of Life of Fred and I have recommended you in that group.  You'll be hearing from us shortly for the next book we need.

Hello again. We read through the Life of Fred: Apples, and my son just LOVED it. He doesn't like handwriting, and at first he completely resisted writing the answers to the questions. By the end, there were no groans, moans or pouting! So, he was practicing handwriting as well as concepts presented by Fred. 

Hi Ray!  I am in need of some Life of Fred books. I currently need: Butterflies, Dogs, and Edgewood. I would appreciate you mailing me these 3 so my daughter can happily continue in her Life of Fred love of Math (ok... really she hates Math but she loves Fred and Kingie). 

Hello Horrible Ray, I am loving the Calculus, Physics and Advanced Algebra book. I am using them to plan the math program for my son and daughter and these books are making it fun!  Now I am ready for a couple more. 

Thank you so much, Ray.  The kids and I LOVE the Fred books!  Math is fun again, and they are learning a lot.  Super happy with my purchase.  :)

Hi Horrible Ray--I have to admit I feel like there's a secret horrible world out there I've been privileged enough to find!  I discovered the Life of Fred books through a DYS email list and put off getting it because my son is already in AOPS pre-algebra (online).  But I went ahead and ordered the first Fred book (Apples) for his 1st grade sister.  We read the first five chapters tonight and she loves it.

Dear Mr Horrible Ray, Thank you for Life of Fred C-F.  M daughter squealed with delight upon opening the package.  Never thought I'd see her so excited and happy to receive math books. Have a Horrible Day!

Ray, we are finishing up Dogs and are ready to move on to Edgewood and Farming! I would like to order these please!  Thank you for your devotion to making great curricula available to our kids!  I tell EVERYONE about your site and your willingness to work on the Honor system!  That alone will keep me buying from you.  My parents always taught me people are only as good as their word & their ability to keep it. Thank you once again!

Good morning HR, We received our fist order of horrible books and it created quite a commotion in our house. My "horrible children" (as they are called now) want more. I would like to order Life of Fred Apples, Life of Fred Beginning Algebra, and Life of Fred Beginning Algebra Home Companion.

I recently ordered "Apples" and "Butterflies" from you with the hope that they might click with my daughter, who was struggling daily when it came to math. I am happy to report that her response to your books has been one of Horrible delight!  After our Bible time in the morning, the first thing my daughter wants to do is to read more about Fred. Thank you for combining fun and learning in your Horrible Fred books.  I would like to order the next several books in the series : Cats, Dogs, Edgewood, and Farming.  Thanks in advance and we look forward to more Horrible Fred adventures!  Have a Horrible day!

I'm writing this from the grave because my 10 yr old announced today that math was his favorite subject since we switched to "Life of Fred".  I died from shock!

My son loves them.  He reads them (like novels LOL) on the way to soccer.  He didn't have soccer all of December but it has started again and he was very disappointed to finish the book on the way to Tuesday's game knowing I did not have anymore waiting.  He fretted about what he would read on the way to the next game!

Hello Horrible Ray, We would like all the Life of Fred Books from:  Edgewood - Mineshaft.  This is a total 9 books.  My son loves them, and he becomes the owner of each book as he completes them.  :)  This has become a very motivating math curriculm for him.  We will send payment soon!  Thank you for your horrible service :) 

Hey there Horrible Ray! It's official! We LOVE Life of Fred!!!

We have received our Life of Fred Books and are very pleased. Thank you so much for your help. The payment is going into the post today. I will post on facebook to all my homeschooling friends how delightful it is to do business with you.

We met at the Davidson's Annual Conference in Reno this past June.  My son fell in love with the Life of Fred books as well as the Horrible series

Wonderful.  Sorry about the delay.  We'll be grabbing more soon.  My 6 year old is eating Apples up!

We absolutely LOVE Life of Fred books and we enjoy dealing with your company, too!  The post office clerks LOVE getting your mail as well and make a HUGE deal of it in our small town post office. Keep providing great customer service and making everyone smile and you can't help but succeed!

Thanks Ray, Fred is the greatest!

Yes, Fred has definitely worked his charm.  My oldest son has requested Fred because he feels like his little brother (10) is doing more advanced math than he is.  He has decided to switch from Teaching Textbooks.  He said that since his brother (the 10 year old) is getting smart using Fred, then maybe he could get smart that way, too.

My son is zipping through the Fred books, so Ill be in touch again soon for the next elementary set.

What fantastic books!  My check is going in the mail today.  Thanks, Ray.  Youre the horriblest.

My daughter has a difficult time with math and she is already in love with these books. They are wonderful and each is a nice, hardcover, which she has decided she will keep forever and even for her own kiddos. Love!!! 

Thank you so very much. Im so glad we found Fred. My children no longer hate math and fight me over it.

Received the books today.  My son is already working through the first chapter, pencil and paper in hand.  He is thrilled. Thanks for the free Horrible Science book.  My younger son pounced on that right away.  It looks...interesting...to say the least! I'll post that check on Monday. And I'll let you know when we're ready for more Life of Fred!

There is a "deep need" for Fred in this house. The kids LOVE Fred! Thank you for carrying the books.

Thank you! Great books, great delivery!

My little one loves Fred. I read him Fractions and now he talks about Fred, calls things Fred. It is funny. Can't wait to read Apples.

I've received this, already started it and am overjoyed with how well itsuits my kids needs. Thank You and You will be hearing from me soon about the next 4 books.

Fabulous - glad to hear it made it!  My daughter is already burning through Fred, so I'll probably be contacting you again in the near future. ;-)

Ray we are having so much fun with our Life of Fred books, wed like to have two more.  Ive worked with my academically challenged 14 year old son for two weeks in fractions and hes learned more than he has in two special needs schools and special education in two public schools combined!  Hes pumped!

Mailed you a check yesterday, then received the books.  My son loved them!  We would like to order the Life of Fred Butterflies, Cats, and Dogs.

The books arrived 1/2 an hour before the tornado! Our laughter over Fred must have kept the twister away as our street was spared.  Thank you for all you do!

Hello Ray, I apologize for the delay, the books did arrive and my daughter loves them! She thinks Life of Fred is so hilarious and can't wait to get to the next part of the story. She has been reading it out loud to her younger brother who also thinks it is funny. She has also enjoyed the horrible history book on Romans. :) I am sure we will be interested in more of them
in the future.

Ray, Thanks for the books!  They are wonderful.  My daughter is so enjoying doing Life of Fred.  Of course, she needs to share the story so my 8 y.o. is entertained as well.  Look forward to more books in the future.

The Life of Fred books are fantastic.  I wish Id ordered them sooner.  Once we get through these, Ill be in touch for the Set with Geometry and Trig and my husband wants to get the Set 1 books for our younger soon.  So expect another book order or two in the near future.



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